One step back

2017-02-07T13:36:31+00:00 7 February 2017|

If you see a gap, you go for it, and eventhough the organisation of Formula Karting went for that gap, they were a little bit too optimistic in their estimation. The FK2-only races will be cancelled, which means that the FK2 series will be reduced to six races each.

A little bit too optimistic

Having visited almost every karting track in The Netherlands and Belgium during the summer, Formula Karting was thinking of a way to show the drivers all the beautiful tracks that are out there. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer for some tracks to hold a Formula Karting race at. At the end of the FK 2016 season, there were 20 season-drivers and at this moment we have reached the interest of about 50 drivers. We were aiming at 70. Unrealistic? Maybe, yes. We were just a bit too optimistic in planning all the races because of all the nice venues out there.

FK2 reduced to 6 races

To still bring out the maximum quality, Formula Karting will cancel all the single FK2 races which were respectively planned at:

  • Kartbaan Oldenzaal
  • Mol in Action
  • JMK Namur
  • JMK Luik
  • Kartfabrique
  • EIK Swalmen

The cancelation of these races results in having six races for FK2 Belgium, and five races for FK2 Netherlands.

Daytona Essen added to FK2 Netherlands

In order to keep both FK2 Championships the same in terms of the amount of races, Daytona Essen will be added to the calendar of FK2 Netherlands.

The outcome

Canceling the races which would have been solely for FK2, will result in a better and controlled growth of Formula Karting. Instead of pushing to step 3, we are lifting and coasting to keep this train in control. Surely not the most fun thing to do of course, but always done to gain an advantage later on 😉

Having said the above, Formula Karting will still be bigger, better, faster, but all this will be put in the eleven races in which you will have to shine and bring your A-game. And what about those cancelled tracks? Don’t worry, they will be back. And what about Formula Karting taking steps back? Well, don’t get used to it.

New calendar of Formula Karting 2017: