Provisional entry-list of FK1

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Almost every driver who entered FK2016 stayed loyal to Formula Karting and is on the drivers-list for the coming season of FK1. This meant that there were only 12 seats free for new contenders.

Formula Karting 2016 entries

All drivers from FK2016 had the privilege to enter before 20 December, and they have used that advantage eagerly. Except for Sverre Zielman, who will function as race-official next season, all drivers who ended the 2016 season in Eupen are on board for the 2017 journey. A thing we definitely are proud of!

Even though Ruben Boutens and Rico Haarbosch dominated the first half of last season, the victories became a lot more difficult to catch later on. Dylan de Wolf exceled in Puurs, Thom van Dijk got the hang of winning races, and Mats de Jong showed in Brussel that he is also capable of actually winning races and not only coming in second or third.

New entries

With all the hard work the organizers are doing to reach the best calendar possible, it is no surprise that Formula Karting 2017 has aroused the interest of more world-class drivers and is even making drivers come back from their retirement! A lot of reputable drivers are on the list for FK1 2017, and well, just take a look at the full list below.

Some statistics

From all the provisional 30 FK1 drivers we have:

  • 15 Belgians, and 15 Dutchman (and woman)
  • 28 drivers speaking Dutch, 2 speaking French
  • 2 World champions (Mathias Grooten 2x and Rico Haarbosch)
  • 3 Belkart Champions (Mats de Jong, Stefan Verhofste and Cédric Wauters)
  • 1 CIKI champion (Yoan Medart)
  • 2 EBKC (Limbourg) Champions (Bart Martens and Jelle Soeffers)
  • 1 Rental Kart Masters Champion (Rico Haarbosch)
  • 1 O.N.K.K. Champion (Thom van Dijk)
  • 1 World champion, ladies (Selina Balneger)
  • 1 BRKC champion (Ruben Boutens)
  • 1 DOK Champion (Ruben Boutens)
  • 2 PIKC Champion (Ruben Boutens and Mathias Grooten)
  • 1 Redbull Kartfight Champion (Ruben Boutens)
  • 1 BEKC Champion (Mats de Jong)
  • 1 Formula Karting champion J (Ruben Boutens)
  • And a whole bunch of 24u-winners

Woah, or as Kimi would say: Bwoah!

(This list is based on the individual achievements all drivers listed in their registration)