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2016-12-20T16:07:43+00:00 20 December 2016|

The clock has striked 8 pm which means that the entries for season-drivers has officially opened. The drivers from FK2016 have chosen their championship already, which means that FK1 is already 1/3 full!

From now on, every driver in the world gets the opportunity to join the Formula Karting Championships. But, to join FK1, the driver needs to show best 3 results in his career in order to prove that he is good enough to drive FK1. FK2 is open for all drivers, as it will be a learning-road to FK1.

Which brings us to promoting and degradating! How do go from FK2 to FK1 next year? Well, here is the answer: FK1 will be limited to 30 seasonal drivers only. At the end of the season, number 25 till 30 will drop out of FK1, losing their chance to drive FK1 the following season. They will have to promote in FK2 again in order to come back in FK1. Number 20 till 24 will also be in the danger zone, but this group still got a chance to maintain their seat in FK1 for the next season: in a race-off.

Then the promotion of FK2 Netherland and FK2 Belgium to FK1: The top 3 of both FK2’s will promote instantly to FK1, as they will replace the number 25 till 30 of FK1. The numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of each FK2 championship will get the chance to drive the race-off.

The race-off
When the season is finished, the positions for next year needs to be filled in. If you ended in place 20 to 25 in FK1 or place 4 to 8 in FK2, you will get the chance as a driver to compete for a seat in FK1 for the next season. A few weeks after the final race, a race-off is being held between all of those who are in the race-off zone. The race-off is held on one day, on two locations. One in Belgium and one in the Netherlands. (The locations will not be very far away from each other)

Also, drivers who have never participated Formula Karting before, will be able join the race-off if their palmares is good enough. This way, only the best drivers will end up in FK1!

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